It’s my first video blog!
11th Aug 2010Posted in: Blog 5
It’s my first video blog!

Blog above, links below. Enjoy.

Logo design resources from the Logo Design Love blog

Brand New by Under Consideration

Design Luv — mostly of interest to designers

HOW Blog — the blog of HOW Magazine

Design Sponge — cute stuff from graphic design to interiors

design:related — a compendium of content that’s (you guessed it) design-related

Graphic book referenced in video blog: The Complete Ouija Interviews by Sarah Becan. Here’s a description from Shortpants Press:

Winner of a Xeric Foundation Grant and the Stumptown Trophy Award for Outstanding Debut! The Complete Ouija Interviews collects the stories in the four Ouija Interview minicomics, plus some additional brand new material. These stories, collected via Ouija board during the three years Sarah’s brother was living and working on Nantucket Island, will alternately delight and move you. Printed in rich brown inks, assembled in a beautiful little perfect-bound volume, with a debossed feltweave cover. 192 pages.

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5 Responses

  1. anika says:

    i like the video blog! especially the part where you are talking to rufus and he’s kinda falling asleep. haha.

    I also wanted to mention that your website looks really great.

    do you follow it’s one of my favorite design related blogs.

  2. David Airey says:

    Great to see you get involved in video blogging, Mike. My only complaint is that Rufus looked a little disinterested. Something to work on for next time.

  3. M!ke says:

    Thanks for the comments (and for the resource, Anika). I’ll have to cast one of the other animals in my blog next time. Maybe one of the dogs will actually feign interest in what I have to say.

  4. Gary says:

    Thanks for showing me the way on this Mike. I’m working up the courage to add a video segment to my website but since you stole all of my premature balding jokes…I’ve got some serious creative to work on.

  5. Brad says:

    Coincidentally, I highly recommend “The Complete Ouija Interviews” to anybody who enjoys quirky, well-designed books. It’s too short, but it’s also too good.

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